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John Montroll


John Montroll

John Montroll started origami when he was six years old.  At the time the typical method was to fold animals from two sheets of paper, or cut the paper, or use any shape paper.  As a child he thought it was cheating to not use a single uncut square for origami.

Throughout the years he continued to develop and refine his style and techniques.  When his first book was published in 1980, ORIGAMI FOR THE ENTHUSIAST, it was the first origami book where all the models were each folded from a single uncut square.  This influenced folders and designers around the world, starting a new movement.  Also in his first book, he introduced the origami term "double rabbit ear fold."

John Montroll

Books by John Montroll

by John Montroll - Art, Crafts & Hobbies

Fantasy-loving folders will rejoice in this enchanting collection of 27 original models by origami master John Montroll. Ranging from simple to complex, the figures include 10 types of dragons as well as a wizard, ogre, unicorn, phoenix and other imaginary creatures. Illustrated instructions accompany each model, along with a brief chapter in an ongoing adventure story.