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Jennifer Castle


Jennifer Castle

Jennifer Castle's first novel, THE BEGINNING OF AFTER, was named an American Library Association Best Fiction for Young Adults selection and a Chicago Public Library "Best of the Best" Book. She wrote many unproduced movie and TV scripts before returning to her first love, fiction...but she's still hooked on film and the way we can find and tell our stories with images. She lives with her family in New York's Hudson Valley.

Jennifer Castle

Books by Jennifer Castle

by Jennifer Castle - Coming of Age, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Friendship, Romance, Young Adult 13+

High school senior Kendall, who just returned from a life-changing semester in Europe, and Max, who is taking a gap year before college, struggle with tough questions when they witness a tragic accident in New York City during the holidays. Racked with guilt, the two accept a dare to perform random acts of kindness to strangers. The challenge pulls these two teens closer and closer as they explore a vibrant city filled with other people’s stories and secrets. Kendall and Max can’t deny their growing bond, even though they both have other romantic entanglements and uncertain futures. As the clock counts down on New Year’s Eve, will they find themselves together at midnight?

by Jennifer Castle - Fiction, Friendship, Mental Health, Social Issues, Women’s Issues, Young Adult 13+
Ari Logan is battling to win her war against depression and the dark night she hurt herself on purpose. It's not easy: her best friend is drifting away, her mom's emotionally checked out, and she spends her days playing caregiver to her handful of a half-sister, Danielle. At first, Ari quietly longs for Camden from afar, seeing in him everything she wants to be. When the two discover a true connection the following summer, Ari lets herself fall not just for the quirky and self-assured Camden but also his friends, tumbling into their world of independence, adventure and shared sci-fi fandom.
by Jennifer Castle - Young Adult 13+

Justine charmed the nation in a documentary film featuring five kindergartners. Five years later, her edgy sense of humor made her the star of a second movie. Now Justine is 16, and another sequel is in the works. Justine isn’t ready to have viewers examining her life again. But, ready or not, she and the other four teens will soon be in front of the cameras again.