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Jen Calonita


Jen Calonita

Jen Calonita is the author of the Secrets of My Hollywood Life series and other books like SLEEPAWAY GIRLS and SUMMER STATE OF MIND, but Fairy Tale Reform School is her first middle-grade series. She rules Long Island, New York, with her husband Mike, princes Tyler and Dylan, and Chihuahua Captain Jack Sparrow, but the only castle she’d ever want to live in is Cinderella’s at Disney World. She’d love for you to visit her at and keep the fairy-tale fun going at

Books by Jen Calonita

by Jen Calonita - Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Friendship, Romance, Young Adult 12+

Bradley Academy's all-girl a cappella group used to be its pride and joy, but the Nightingales have recently fallen out of harmony. Best friends and co-captains Lidia and Sydney haven't been speaking since a boy came between them. The Nightingales have no chance of making it to the big state final if their captains are at each other's throats. Their only hope is new girl Julianna. But in addition to her serious pipes, she has some serious stage fright. The Nightingales will have to come together if they want to shine at the upcoming competition and restore the group to its former glory.

by Jen Calonita - Fiction

15-year-old Isabelle Scott doesn’t just tolerate her life on the wrong side of the tracks in North Carolina, she loves it. But when tragedy strikes, she is sent to live with her long-lost uncle and his preppy privileged family. Out of place and still reeling, Isabelle is further unsteadied when a secret unfolds that threatens change her life forever.

by Jen Calonita - Fiction, Young Adult 12+

Hollywood “It Girl” Kaitlin Burke is back in L.A. starting a sitcom with her former-nemesis-now-BFF, Sky. The show is a huge success, but after several frightening incidents, she must question the true meaning of fame --- and of love.