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Jeffry W. Johnston


Jeffry W. Johnston

I write young adult mysteries and thrillers. FRAGMENTS was a 2008 Edgar nominee by the Mystery Writers of America for Best Young Adult Mystery and a Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers selection by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA). My new novel, THE TRUTH, is new in 2016. Besides also publishing numerous short stories and articles covering various genres and subjects, I have been a film and theatre reviewer. My website is at

My photo is by First Digital Media.

Jeffry W. Johnston

Books by Jeffry W. Johnston

by Jeffry W. Johnston - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Young Adult 13+

Alden likes to follow people. He's not trying to be a creep, he just wants to be an investigator someday, and it's good practice. But spying on people comes with risks, like when Alden sees popular Greg Matthes seemingly murder his girlfriend, Amy, one night in the bad part of town. But the facts aren't adding up, especially because Amy may be alive. Now Alden has to figure what he could have seen...and what secrets Greg is hiding.