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Jeanette Farrell


Jeanette Farrell

Jeanette Farrell, as a girl, worked on weekends at a tuberculosis sanatorium in Kentucky founded by her father. After graduating from college, she volunteered for a leprosy relief agency in India. She has recently completed her medical residency in Seattle, Washington, where she lives with her husband and two children.

Jeanette Farrell

Books by Jeanette Farrell

by Jeanette Farrell - Health, Medicine

This book tells the story of seven tiny microbes that altered forever the course of human history. Smallpox, leprosy, plague, tuberculosis, malaria, cholera and AIDS have aroused terror wherever thay have appeared, terror that has inspired acts of incredible courage and horrible cruelty. With compassion and an eye for detail, Jeanette Farrell writes of societies in turmoil and of committed searches for cures, of gruesome, misguided treatments and of the triumph of the human spirit. 

by Jeanette Farrell - Health, Medicine, Nonfiction

Although we are accustomed to equating the presence of microbes with disease, in fact most microbes play a vital "friendly" role in shaping our lives. To emphasize their amazing ubiquity, Jeanette Farrell considers the invisible bugs essential to an everyday event: the eating of a light lunch consisting of a cheese sandwich and a chocolate bar. In the course of her eye-opening narrative, Dr. Farrell relates the historical significance of using microbes to preserve foods, our long-standing ambivalence about the microbes that live on and in us and our growing understanding of their importance.