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J. Christopher Wilson


J. Christopher Wilson

Chris is a weirdo who flies his geek flag with pride. A true misfit his entire life, Chris embraces who he is even at school where he is a teacher at a K-6 science and technology-based school in Nixa, Missouri. He loves comic books, toys, video games, movies and motorcycles and has his comics and boyhood toys prominently displayed in his classroom for all to see and teaches his students to have pride in their uniqueness. 

As a kid, Chris loved stories but hated reading because it was extremely hard for him. He was what educators call a struggling reader. To this day, Chris still struggles with reading, but he has learned coping skills to become a better reader. Reading is a passion of Chris' and he cosponsors the Hall of Heroes comic book club at his school to help kids fall in love with reading. Chris didn't read regularly for fun until adulthood when he found a fantasy comic, Sojourn. That comic changed his life and for the first time in his life read for fun weekly. This experience influenced him when he decided to become a teacher in his late 30's. 

Chris graduated Drury University with an English degree and an emphasis in creative writing. He now has a Master's degree in Elementary Education and is dual certified to teach children from birth to grade 6. His favorite superhero is Wonder Woman and the first novel he read from cover to cover was Mark Twain's HUCKLEBERRY FINN in high school.

While at Drury University, Chris tried out for a Halloween play and there he met his wife, Katheryne. Not wanting to be too tied down with romance and wanting to stay focused on their education, Chris and Katheryne were fun outing buddies, taking each other to dances and events, for two years. They dated long distance for two years when Katheryne left to pursue her graduate degree in social work three hours away. The two married in 1995 after they graduated and had a daughter, Sophia, in 2000. They live in Springfield, MO is a modest 1964 ranch style home with their cat, Buddy, and dog Barkley.

J. Christopher Wilson

Books by J. Christopher Wilson

by J. Christopher Wilson - Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult 12+

In the age of dwarves and dragons, graduation from the Iasos Preparatory Abbey is legally required in order to have the skills to survive the harsh world and contribute to the society. Those outcasts who do not graduate end up as slaves, or worse. For the ones lucky enough to live in the land of D’wyee, there is an alternative school where The Wards of Iasos --- The Leftovers of society --- go to find their path before it’s assigned for them. It's a last hope for those who do not fit in with society.