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Author Talk: Louis Sachar, author of Small Steps

Jan 10, 2006

January 2006

Louis Sachar's SMALL STEPS chronicles life after Camp Green Lake for Theodore "Armpit" Johnson, one of the former occupants of Tent D from the Newbery Award-winning book HOLES.

Interview: Norma Howe, author of Blue Avenger Cracks the Code

Jan 12, 2001

Norma Howe, author of the clever and quirky Blue Avenger novels, candidly speaks with's Audrey Marie Danielson about her character, David Schumacher, aka the Blue Avenger, and her writing. Find out the real life superhero who inspired Howe's blue boy, how she comes up with her witty ideas, what she likes to read in her spare time, and much more in this interview.