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Interview: Carolyn Mackler, author of Guyaholic

Aug 10, 2007

August 2007

Carolyn Mackler is the award-winning author of LOVE AND OTHER FOUR-LETTER WORDS, THE EARTH, MY BUTT, AND OTHER BIG ROUND THINGS and VEGAN VIRGIN VALENTINE. Her latest novel, GUYAHOLIC, centers on Vivienne Valentine, a secondary character from her previous work, and V's own misadventures through life, love and a cross-country road trip. 

Interview: Nancy Pearl, author of Book Crush: For Kids and Teens - Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Interest

Jun 10, 2007

JUNE 2007

Nancy Pearl is a librarian, book reviewer and speaker, as well as the bestselling author of BOOK LUST, MORE BOOK LUST and the recently published guide for children's and young adult literature, BOOK CRUSH.

Interview: Elizabeth Scott, author of Bloom

May 10, 2007

May 2007

Elizabeth Scott's debut novel, BLOOM, is a coming-of-age tale about a teenage girl who seemingly has everything, only to discover that she doesn't want any of it.

Interview: Margo Rabb, author of Cures for Heartbreak

Mar 10, 2007

March 23, 2007

Margo Rabb's CURES FOR HEARTBREAK is a poignant novel about a 15-year-old girl's struggles to cope with family tragedy.

Author Talk: Brian Selznick, author of The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Feb 10, 2007

February 2007

Brian Selznick is the author of THE HOUDINI BOX, THE ROBOT KING and THE BOY OF A THOUSAND FACES, and has illustrated books for such writers as Andrew Clements, Ann M. Martin and Pam Munoz Ryan. His latest work, THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET, combines pictures and narrative to create an illustrated novel similar to a silent movie.