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Graham Salisbury


Graham Salisbury

Graham Salisbury is the author of six Calvin Coconut books: TROUBLE MAGNET, THE ZIPPY FIX, DOG HEAVEN, ZOO BREATH, HERO OF HAWAII, and KUNG FOOEY. Graham Salisbury grew up in Hawaii. Calvin Coconut and his friends attend the same school Graham did --- Kailua Elementary School. 

Graham Salisbury

Books by Graham Salisbury

by Graham Salisbury - Young Adult 12+

Zenji Watanabe graduates from high school in Hawaii and is recruited into the army as a translator because he speaks perfect Japanese. He is sent to Manila undercover as a civilian to gather information on the Japanese in the Philippines. If they discover his identity, he’ll be executed as a traitor. When captured, he maintains that he is an American civilian despite unthinkable torture. He also survives being lost in the jungle for months. Zenji’s time behind enemy lines is grueling, and his survival is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

by Graham Salisbury - Historical Fiction

Eddy Okana lies about his age and joins the Army in his hometown of Honolulu only weeks before the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. Suddenly Americans see him as the enemy—even the U.S. Army doubts the loyalty of Japanese American soldiers. Then the Army sends Eddy and a small band of Japanese American soldiers on a secret mission to a small island off the coast of Mississippi. Here they are given a special job, one that only they can do. Eddy's going to help train attack dogs. He's going to be the bait.