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Gloria Whelan


Gloria Whelan

Gloria Whelan is the bestselling author of many novels for young readers, including Homeless Bird, winner of the National Book Award, The Locked Garden, Parade of Shadows, and Listening for Lions. She lives in Michigan near Lake St. Clair.

Gloria Whelan

Books by Gloria Whelan

by Gloria Whelan - Youth Fiction

Rosalind inhabits two worlds in 1920s India. There is the world of her English heritage and the world of her homeland where followers of Gandhi surround her. When her father’s military position provides Rosalind the opportunity to meet the Prince of Wales, she has the chance to tell him about the injustice she witnesses in the streets of India. Will Rosalind have the courage to do what is write—and what will be the consequence?

by Gloria Whelan - Historical Fiction
This irresistible novel entangles an orphaned girl in a deceit filled plot. Young Rachel Sheridan is made to leave her beloved Africa for England, where she must pose as the deceased daughter of a nefarious couple in an effort to gain them an enormous inheritance. Her irrepressible spirit and extraordinary wit turn her from victim to heroine in a surprising and empowering tale of a remarkable young woman.