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Gabi Moskowitz


Gabi Moskowitz

Gabi Moskowitz is the editor-in-chief of the nationally-acclaimed budget cooking blog BrokeAss Gourmet, author of THE BROKEASS GOURMET COOKBOOK (Egg & Dart, 2012), PIZZA DOUGH: 100 Delicious, UNEXPECTED RECIPIES (Egg & Dart, 2013), HOT MESS KITCHEN (Hachette, 2017), and YOUNG & HUNGRY (Hyperion, 2017).

Gabi is the co-producer of "Young & Hungry", a Freeform comedy, (Wednesdays at 8/7 Central), now in its fifth season, inspired by her life and writing. She also starred in a web series in conjunction with the show, called "Young & Foodie".

When she is not blogging, writing books, or making television, Gabi contributes regularly to The Washington Post, The Guardian, and Lenny Letter. She lives in San Francisco with her husband Evan.

Gabi Moskowitz

Books by Gabi Moskowitz

by Gabi Moskowitz and Diana Snyder - Cookbooks, Cooking, Crafts & Hobbies, Social Issues, Young Adult 14+

The YOUNG & HUNGRY lifestyle/cookbook is written by Gabi Moskowitz and Diana Snyder. Gabi is a food blogger and cookbook author and was the inspiration for the Freeform hit comedy. Diana is a writer for the show. YOUNG & HUNGRY: Your Complete Guide to a Delicious Life features recipes along with advice about dating, friendships, entertaining and health. This book is a girls' guide to being young, single, short on cash and passionate about food.