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Estelle Maskame


Estelle Maskame

I'm Estelle Maskame and I write the DIMILY trilogy! I'm a total bookworm and YA addict, not to mention a hopeless romantic. I've always adored books and writing while growing up, and all throughout primary school I loved to write stories about talking dolphins and pirate ships. Admittedly, I've moved away from the eight-year-old fantasy genre and now focus on writing YA romance. 

I grew up in a small town called Peterhead in the North-east of Scotland, and I belong to a huge fishing family! Understandable, given that Peterhead is a town known for its fishing. So it may be fishy and it may be small, but I plan to stick around here for a while. 

I managed to survive school for 12 and half years in the end, eventually leaving with the qualifications I wanted! I've been working since the age of 13, starting in a hair salon and then moving to ASDA where I still currently work part-time in the George department, in my black and yellow uniform. I get to spend my weekdays writing!

Estelle Maskame

Books by Estelle Maskame

by Estelle Maskame - Contemporary Fiction, Family Life, Fiction, Social Issues, Young Adult 13+

MacKenzie knows the kind of impact death can have on those it leaves behind, so when Jaden, her crush and almost-boyfriend, loses his parents in a car accident, MacKenzie steps back. With an alcoholic mother and a father who deals with their family problems by not dealing at all, self-preservation is her only option. Then the pair meet by chance one night, reunited for the first time in months. Old feelings resurface and new memories are made. MacKenzie has missed Jaden more than anything. But can she dare to fall for the one person she's so afraid of growing close to?

by Estelle Maskame - Family Life, Fiction, Romance, Young Adult 14+

It's been a year since Eden last spoke to Tyler. A year since he left her all alone after nearly destroying their family. But Eden picked herself up and headed to Chicago for college. She's moved on...hasn't she? Despite their break-up, Tyler's determined to rekindle what they once had. He's headed back to Santa Monica, where Eden is spending her summer. Eden's not sure she can forgive him. But when a tragedy draws them together, Eden must search her heart and decide if Tyler is worth the risk once and for all.