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Erica Sage


Erica Sage

Erica was born and raised in Maple Valley, Washington, where she grew up playing soccer, selling boxes of apples by the roadside and building forts in the woods.

From a young age, she enjoyed reading and writing. She started writing songs when she was in kindergarten and moved on to “publishing” her own newspaper that was only ever delivered to her parents. 

The YA contemporary JACKED UP is her debut novel.

Erica Sage

Books by Erica Sage

by Erica Sage - Christian, Family, Fiction, Social Issues, Young Adult 13+

It’s bad enough that Nick’s sister is dead and that his parents are shipping him off to Jesus camp. But he’s also being followed around by Jack Kerouac, who’s incredibly annoying for a genius. The campers at Eden Springs drop their daily prayers and confessions in the PC Box, and with Jack nagging him to, Nick scribbles down his darkest secret ― about his sister’s death --- and drops it in the box. But then the box is stolen, with Nick’s secret inside. And when campers’ confessions start appearing around the camp, Nick is desperate to get the box back --- before the world learns the truth about what he did.