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Emma Chastain


Emma Chastain

Emma Chastain is a graduate of Barnard College and the creative writing MFA program at Boston University. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and children.

Emma Chastain

Books by Emma Chastain

by Emma Chastain - Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Young Adult 13+

It’s Chloe Snow’s sophomore year of high school. After a disastrous audition, she’s cast as a lowly member of the ensemble. Hannah is no help: she’s been sucked into the orbit of Lex. Chloe’s dad is busy falling in love with Miss Murphy, and Chloe is no longer speaking to her mother. If only Chloe could talk to Grady about it: he’s easy to talk to. Or he was, until he declared his love for Chloe, and she turned him down because she can’t seem to get over Mac, and then Grady promptly started going out with Lex. Chloe must find a way to navigate all the messy elements of her life and make it through to the end of the year.

by Emma Chastain - Family Life, Fiction, Friendship, Humor, Romance
In the tradition of Bridget Jones’s Diary, a lovably flawed high school student chronicles her life as she navigates the highs and lows of family, friendship, school and love in a diary that sparkles with humor and warmth.