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Emily Trunko


Emily Trunko

Emily Trunko is an astonishing 16-year-old girl from the small town of Copley, Ohio. At age eleven, she started a book review blog called On Emily's Bookshelf, and at age fourteen she created The Clover Chain Project--dedicated to pairing up teens struggling with similar issues, which attracted local media attention. Emily created two Tumblr projects that became Internet sensations and books. Dear My Blank was inspired by her personal notebook of letters that she wrote but never intended to send. And The Last Message Received grew out of her curiosity about life-changing letters, notes, and texts that people have received. Emily continues to be fascinated by the way people connect through the written word.

Emily Trunko

Books by Emily Trunko

by Emily Trunko and Zoƫ Ingram - Fiction, Young Adult 14+

What if a message someone sends you today is the last you’ll ever receive from them? Would you respond differently, or even at all, if you knew that the end of a friendship, a brutal breakup, or worse might be coming, and that this might be your only chance?

Written by Emily Trunko and illustrated by Lisa Congdon - Fiction, Young Adult 14+, Youth Fiction

The Tumblr Dear My Blank --- created by 16-year-old Emily Trunko and followed by over 35,000 people --- is now a carefully curated gift book with more than 160 anonymous letters covering a range of topics from heartbreak, unrequited love, and loss, to inspiration, self-awareness, and gratitude.