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Dyan Sheldon


Dyan Sheldon

Dyan Sheldon is the author of many novels for young adult readers, including the #1 New York Times bestseller CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN, which was made into a major motion picture. American by birth, Dyan Sheldon lives in London.

Dyan Sheldon

Books by Dyan Sheldon

by Dyan Sheldon - Fiction, Romance, Young Adult 13+

Josh has never really thought twice about girls before. He’s usually too busy watching old movies with his friends Sal and Carver, petitioning for more vegetarian options in the school cafeteria, or flailing in yoga class with his best friend Ramona. But when new girl Jena Capistrano walks into school, Josh loses his heart faster than he’s ever lost his balance on a double downward dog. Not that he has any real aspirations, of course: he knows Jena is completely out of his league. And then, against all odds --- they become friends. The closer they get, the more infatuated Josh becomes, and the more he wonders if just maybe Jena might like him back. There’s only one way to find out. But it’s not exactly easy to put your heart on the line.

by Dyan Sheldon - Fiction, Romance, Young Adult 12+

It’s starting to look as if Hildy's never going to have a third date, or be kissed, or know a boy who is more than just a friend. Then, on an ordinary day, she meets Connor of the melt-that-ice-cap smile --- and a summer that was going to be ordinary as toast turns into Hildy’s summer of love. But love for Hildy is not so much girl-meets-boy-and loses-her-heart as boy-meets-girl-and-loses-his-mind.

by Dyan Sheldon - Fiction, Youth Fiction

Paloma Rose is 16 years old and the star of one of the most popular TV shows ever. She has millions of fans and is the face of a hugely successful merchandising empire. But having had too much too young, Paloma is growing into a notorious brat and beginning to behave really badly. But when her agent bumps into 16 year old Oona Giness in a coffee shop and, struck by the resemblance, decides to switch Oona for Paloma, he realizes that Hollywood likes Oona more. He also tricks Paloma into going off to a boot camp in the desert, which he hopes will sort her out. Although when Paloma finds out that she's been tricked, she breaks out of the camp and heads home for revenge. 

by Dyan Sheldon - Fiction, Young Adult 12+

Fashion-crazy Sicilee and hippie environmentalist Maya are pitted against each other when they both set their sights on gorgeous new student Cody Lightfoot, who’s planning a blowout Earth Day bash.