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written by DK Publishing with a foreword by Roxane Gay - Gender Studies, History, Human Rights, Nonfiction, Women's History, Women's Studies, Women’s Issues, Young Adult 13+

What is feminism? Combining insightful text with graphic illustrations, this engaging book introduces young adult readers to a subject that should matter to everyone. FEMINISM IS... tackles the most intriguing and relevant topics, such as intersectionality, the right to an equal education and the gender pay gap. Find out what equality for women really means, get a short history of feminism, and take a look at the issues that affect women at work, in the home and around sex and identity.

by DK Publishing - Education, Nonfiction, Reference, Young Adult 13+

From gender and identity to welfare and consumerism, sociology is the study of how societies are organized and what helps them function or go wrong. Questions posed include: What is my "tribe"? Why do people commit crimes? Who decides if someone has a mental illness? What's work for? Does aid do any good? HEADS UP SOCIOLOGY explores these fascinating questions and more. 

by DK Publishing - Education, Nonfiction, Young Adult 14+

From the pocket change to online shopping, money is everywhere. Economics can't be ignored, and HEADS UP MONEY helps children make sense of the global marketplace, financial risks and gains, and free trade. With easy-to-understand explanations of economic theory, this introductory resource is structured around key questions like "What is money?", "What is healthy competition?", and "What is the wage gap?"