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Diane Duane


Diane Duane

Diane Duane was born in New York City --- a descendant of New York's first mayor --- and worked there as a psychiatric nurse before leaving the profession for the only one she loved better, the business of writing. Since the publication of her first novel in 1981, she's written 50 more, not to mention numerous short stories, comics, computer games and screenplays for TV and film, and has picked up the occasional award here and there. (She's also worked with Star Trek in more media than anyone else alive.) 

Right now DD is probably best known for her YOUNG WIZARDS series of young adult fantasy novels, featuring the New York-based teen wizards Kit Rodriguez and Nita Callahan. The series now enters its third decade with Nita's and Kit's newest adventure: GAMES WIZARDS PLAY. The tenth Young Wizards novel, is scheduled for publication by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in winter 2015/16. Interested readers can find weekly teaser excerpts from the book at the blog at

Diane Duane

Books by Diane Duane

by Diane Duane - Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult 12+, Youth Fiction

Every 11 years, Earth's senior wizards hold the Invitational: an intensive three-week event where the planet's newest, sharpest young wizards show off their best and hottest spells. Wizardly partners Kit Rodriguez and Nita Callahan, and Nita's sister, former wizard-prodigy Dairine Callahan, are drafted in to mentor two brilliant and difficult cases: Penn Shao-Feng, a would-be sun technician with a dangerous new take on managing solar weather, and Mehrnaz Farrahi, an Iranian wizard-girl trying to specialize in defusing earthquakes. When both candidates make it through to the finals stage on the dark side of the Moon, they and their mentors are flung into a final conflict that could change the solar system for the better . . . or damage Earth beyond even wizardly repair.