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Diana Renn


Diana Renn

Diana Renn grew up in Seattle and now lives in Boston with her husband and son. She graduated from Hampshire College and earned an M.A. in English and American Literature from Brandeis University.  After graduate school, Diana taught ESL, writing and literature, worked in educational publishing, and authored several ESL textbooks. She also traveled whenever possible, and taught English in South America.

In addition to writing for young adults, Diana writes short stories and essays, which have been published in a variety of magazines and literary journals.

When she's not writing, Diana enjoys bicycling and taiko drumming. She studies taiko and occasionally performs with the group Odaiko New England.

Diana Renn

Books by Diana Renn

by Diana Renn - Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Zan is a politician’s daughter and an adrenaline junkie. But she gets more of a rush than she bargained for on a forced mother–daughter bonding trip to Turkey, where she finds herself in the crosshairs of an antiquities smuggling ring. These criminals believe that Zan can lead them to an ancient treasure that’s both priceless and cursed. Until she does so, she and her family are in grave danger.

by Diana Renn - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Young Adult 12+

Young Ecuadorian cycling superstar Juan Carlos is dead, and Tessa, one of the last people ever to speak to him, is left with nothing but questions. The media deems his death a tragic accident, but Tessa, an aspiring investigative journalist, knows that something more is going on. While she grapples with her own grief, she is being stalked by spies with an insidious connection to Juan Carlos. Tessa’s pursuit of an explanation for his untimely death leads her to Ecuador, Juan Carlos’s homeland. The only thing she knows for sure is that she must uncover the truth and race to find the real villain --- before the trail goes cold.

by Diana Renn - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Young Adult 12+

When 16-year-old Violet agrees to spend the summer with her father, an up-and-coming artist in Seattle, she has no idea what she's walking into. Her father's newest clients, the Yamada family, are the victims of a high-profile art robbery: van Gogh sketches have been stolen from their home, and, until they can produce the corresponding painting, everyone's lives are in danger --- including Violet's and her father's.