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Chip Kidd


Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd

Books by Chip Kidd

by Chip Kidd - Art

Kids love to express themselves, and are designers by nature --- whether making posters for school, deciding what to hang in their rooms or creating personalized notebook covers. GO, by the award-winning graphic designer Chip Kidd, is a stunning introduction to the ways in which a designer communicates his or her ideas to the world. It’s written and designed just for those curious kids, not to mention their savvy parents, who want to learn the secret of how to make things dynamic and interesting.

by Chip Kidd and Dave Taylor - Fiction, Graphic Novel, Superhero

As chairman of the Gotham Landmarks Commission, Bruce Wayne has been a key part of this boom, which signals a golden age of architectural ingenuity for the city. And then, the explosions begin. This bizarre string of seemingly random, unconnected catastrophes threaten to bring the whole construction industry down. Fingers are pointed as Batman must somehow solve the problem and find whoever is behind it all.

Edited by Chip Kidd - Manga