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Chelsea Sedoti


Chelsea Sedoti

Chelsea Sedoti lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for most of my life. It’s a weird place. She's not a fan of casinos, but she loves the Mojave Desert. She also loves the woods and hills and dying steel mill towns of eastern Ohio, which is where her family is from. She wishes she could split her time between both places.

Chelsea Sedoti

Books by Chelsea Sedoti

by Chelsea Sedoti - Coming of Age, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Magical Realism, Young Adult 13+

Madison is a small town in the Mojave desert between nothing and nowhere, which is perfect for protecting the town's secret: in Madison, everyone can make one wish on their eighteenth birthday --- and that wish always comes true. Most of Eldon's classmates have had their wishes picked out for months, but not Eldon. He's seen how wishing has hurt the people around him. His parents' marriage is strained, his sister is a virtual ghost in their house, his ex-girlfriend is dating his ex-friend...where does he even begin? One thing is for sure: Eldon has only 25 days to figure it out --- and the rest of his life to live with the consequences.

by Chelsea Sedoti - Fiction, Friendship, Humor, Romance, Young Adult 14+

Hawthorn wasn't trying to insert herself into a missing person's investigation. Or maybe she was. But that's only because Lizzie Lovett's disappearance is the one fascinating mystery their sleepy town has ever had. Bad things don't happen to popular girls like Lizzie Lovett, and Hawthorn is convinced she'll turn up at any moment --- which means the time for speculation is now.