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Celia Rees


Celia Rees

Celia Rees

Books by Celia Rees

by Celia Rees - Family, Romance, Young Adult 13+, Youth Fiction

Everyone says Caro is bad, but Jamie can't help himself. She is totally different from the other girls. But when Caro begins disappearing for days at a time, having scars on her wrists, and talking of revolution and taking action, Jamie realizes there is much more to Caro than he initially thought. Jamie is also worried about his older brother Rob, who is back from Afghanistan and struggling with PTSD. Strangely enough, Rob and Caro know one another...the question is how.

by Celia Rees - Historical Fiction

It’s England, 1783. When the rich and beautiful Sovay isn’t sitting for portraits, she’s donning a man’s cloak and robbing travelers—in broad daylight. But in a time when political allegiances between France and England are strained, a rogue bandit is not the only thing travelers fear. Spies abound, and rumors of sedition can quickly lead to disappearances. So when Sovay lifts the wallet of one of England’s most powerful and dangerous men, it’s not just her own identity she must hide, but that of her father.