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Cecil Castellucci


Cecil Castellucci

Cecil Castellucci is the author of  novels for young adults. BOY PROOF, THE QUEEN OF COOL and BEIGE all on Candlewick Press and ROSE SEES RED on Scholastic Press. Her first Graphic Novel THE PLAIN JANES launched the DC Comics Minx imprint and she was awarded the 2007 Shuster Award for best Canadian Comic Book Writer. It was followed up by the sequel JANES IN LOVE. Her first Picture Book, GRANDMA'S GLOVES, won the California Book Award Gold Medal for juvenile literature.

In addition to writing books, she writes plays, makes movies, does performance pieces, and still occasionally rocks out. Born in New York City to French Canadian parents, she is a citizen of  both America and Canada. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles.

Cecil Castellucci

Books by Cecil Castellucci

by Cecil Castellucci - Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Romance, Young Adult 13+

When Edan Kupferman dresses up like her favorite character, she feels tall and powerful. That's important right now, because her family is a mess, her best friend is gone for the summer, her crush is confusing and Edan's feeling small. When Edan's cosplaying, she can be angry, loud and not the good girl everyone thinks she is. But when her personal life starts to spiral out of control, Edan has to figure out whether she needs a sidekick, or if she has the strength to be the hero of her own story.

by Cecil Castellucci - Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult 12+

Mal lives on the fringes of high school. Angry. Misunderstood. Yet loving the world --- or at least an idea of the world. Then he meets Hooper. Who says he's from another planet. And may be going home very soon.