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Catherine Fisher


Catherine Fisher

Catherine Fisher

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by Catherine Fisher - Fantasy, Suspense, Youth Fiction

Today, Sulis, a teenage girl with a mysterious past, arrives in Bath with a new identity, trailed by the person she's trying to outrun.  In 1740, Zac is apprenticed to an architect obsessed with Druidic mysteries, but has his own secret—and destructive—agenda.  In ancient England, a druid king discovers the healing waters of a magical spring, where he founds a great city, and the heart of Fisher’s story. Through each voice, the mysteries are revealed, linking Sulis, Zac, and the king through the circles of time.

by Catherine Fisher - Fantasy, Youth Fiction
In book two of the Obsidian Mirror series, Jake, Sarah, and Oberon Venn continue their fight for control of the Obsidian Mirror, and whoever wins will either save a life, change the past or rescue the future.
But the Mirror has plans of its own.
by Catherine Fisher - Young Adult 12+

The obsidian mirror can send you to the past, but it will not bring you back. Its power is great and terrible. Men have been lost in it, the dead brought back to life through it and the future annihilated by it. Or this is what will happen unless the mirror is destroyed. Three people seek the mirror but only one can succeed.

by Catherine Fisher - Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult 12+

To regain the power and wealth her family has lost, Sarah makess a bargain with Azrael, Lord of Darkwater Hall. He gives her 100 years and the means to accomplish her objective --- in exchange for her soul. One-hundred years later, Tom dreams of attending Darkwater Hall School and meets a professor named Azrael, who offers him a bargain. Will Sarah be able to stop Tom from making the same mistake she did a century ago?

by Catherine Fisher - Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult 12+

Catherine Fisher’s new series is being released in four consecutive months this summer. The first installment, THE DARK CITY, is set in a world crumbling into disorder and darkness. The Order once guarded ancient relics with mysterious powers, but these relics --- and the Order itself --- are now outlawed by the Watch. A Relic Master and his apprentice set out on a journey to uncover a relic powerful enough to save their world.

by Catherine Fisher - Fantasy, Young Adult 12+

Incarceron is a self-sustaining prison with a mind of its own. One prisoner, 17-year-old Finn, doesn’t believe he belongs. As Finn navigates the dangerous world of Incarceron, he finds help in the most unsuspecting person --- the daughter of the Warden. Escape seems impossible, however, because Incarceron is always watching!