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Carolyn Meyer


Carolyn Meyer

Carolyn Meyer is the acclaimed author of more than 50 books for young people. Her many award-winning novels include MARY, BLOODY MARY, an ABA Pick of the Lists, an NCSS-CBC Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies, and an ALA Best Book for Young Adults; ANASTASIA: The Last Grand Duchess, a New York Times bestseller; WHITE LILACS, an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, an NYPL Best Book for the Teen Age, and an IRA Young Adults' Choice; and MARIE, DANCING, a BookSense Pick. Ms. Meyer lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Carolyn Meyer

Books by Carolyn Meyer

by Carolyn Meyer - Biography, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult 12+, Youth Fiction

Life inside the palace is far from a fairy tale for the Romanovs. The girls’ younger brother suffers from an excruciatingly painful and deadly blood disease, and their parents have chosen to shield the Russian people from the severity of the future tsar’s condition. The secrets and strain are hard on the family, and conditions are equally dire beyond the palace walls. Peasants chafe under the burden of extreme poverty and Tsar Nicholas’s leadership power weakens. And when the unthinkable happens --- Germany declares war on Russia --- nothing in Anastasia’s world will ever be the same.

by Carolyn Meyer - Family, Fiction, Romance

It's 1926 and one spunky girl, Kitty Evans, joins the thousands of well–trained waitresses providing first -class service in Harvey House. She faces the often funny and painful experiences she and fellow waitresses Cordelia and Emmy endure. As Kitty writes about her escapades, a loveable teenager emerges; she embraces adventure, independence, her position as a Harvey Girl, and a freelance writing career.

by Carolyn Meyer - Fiction, Young Adult 12+

Hermione's mother is Helen of Troy. When Helen runs off with Paris to Troy, Hermione stows away in the Greek fleet intending to reclaim the most beautiful woman on earth. Will she end up with the handsome archer Orestes, or the formidable Pyrrhus? And will she ever forgive her mother for causing such chaos?

by Carolyn Meyer - Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Young Adult 12+
To be a young woman in a time when few other females held positions of power was to lead in a remarkable age --- and because Queen Victoria kept personal journals, this historical novel from award-winning author Carolyn Meyer shares authentic emotional insight along with accurate information, weaving a true story of intrigue and romance.
by Carolyn Meyer - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult 12+

Mary Stuart struggled most of her life. She was sent to France at the age of five only to be abandoned when her future husband died. She returned to Scotland, became entangled in an unhappy marriage and a murder scandal, and had to keep a watchful eye on Elizabeth I, Queen of England. It was all of these things that Mary had to fight to keep alive, especially Elizabeth, who would kill anyone who threatened her place on the throne.

by Carolyn Meyer - Historical Fiction

Young Charley Darwin hated school—he much preferred to be outside studying birds’ eggs, feathers, and insects. And so, at the age of twenty-one, he boarded a ship called HMS Beagle and spent five thrilling but dangerous years sailing around the world, studying plant and animal life that was beyond anything he could have imagined.
Here, just in time for Darwin’s 200th birthday and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his groundbreaking On the Origin of Species, historical novelist Carolyn Meyer tells the story of his unconventional adventures. It’s the story of a restless childhood, unrequited teenage love, and a passion for studying nature that was so great, Darwin would sacrifice everything to pursue it.