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Carolyn Mackler


Carolyn Mackler

Carolyn Mackler is the author of the award-winning teen novels THE EARTH, MY BUTT, AND OTHER BIG ROUND THINGS (A Michael L. Printz Honor Book); THE FUTURE OF US, coauthored with Jay Asher; TANGLED; LOVE AND OTHER FOUR-LETTER WORDS; VEGAN VIRGIN VALENTINE; and GUYAHOLIC. She lives in New York City with her husband and two sons.

Photo Credit: Sarah Torretta Klock

Books by Carolyn Mackler

by Carolyn Mackler - Contemporary Fiction, Family Life, Fiction, Personal Growth, Romance, Social Issues, Young Adult 12+

It's been five months since 16-year-old Virginia Shreves thought her life was finally back on course: she has come to terms with who she is both inside and out, and she's even started to rebuild her relationship with her older brother Byron. But just as she's getting used to the new normal, Virginia's world turns upside down again. As Virginia struggles to cope, she meets Sebastian, an artist with his own baggage. The pair make a pact not to share their personal dramas. But secrets have a way of coming out, and theirs have the potential to ruin everything.

by Carolyn Mackler - Contemporary Fiction, Dating, Fiction, Love & Romance, Young Adult 13+

Fifteen-year-old Virginia feels like a plus-sized black sheep in her family, especially next to her perfect big brother Byron. Not to mention her best friend has moved, leaving Virginia to navigate an awkward relationship with a boy alone. He might like her now...but she has her doubts about how he'll react if he ever looks under all her layers of clothes. In order to survive, Virginia decides to follow a “Fat Girl Code of Conduct,” which works, until the unthinkable causes her family's façade to crumble. As her world spins out of orbit, she realizes that being true to herself might be the only way back.

by Carolyn Mackler - Women's Fiction, Youth Fiction

Zoe feels like she will live forever in her famous mother’s shadow. Jake struggles to find the right connections in friendship and in love. Mia keeps trying on new identities, looking for one that actually fits. Gregor thought he wanted to be more than just a band geek. And Whitney seems to have it all, until it’s all falling apart around her. Carolyn Mackler skillfully brings the stories of these five disparate teens together to create a distinct and cohesive whole --- a novel about how we can all affect one another’s lives in the most unexpected and amazing ways.

by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler - Fiction, Young Adult 14+

When a free AOL CD reveals their futures to them via Facebook --- which hasn’t been invented yet --- estranged childhood friends Josh and Emma learn that making different decisions now will affect the outcome of their lives later.

by Carolyn Mackler - Fiction, Young Adult 14+

Jena, Dakota, Skye and Owen are all at Paradise --- the resort in the Caribbean, that is --- for different reasons, but in Paradise their lives become tangled together in ways none of them can predict. Over the course of four months, through four voices and four stories, what happened in Paradise will change them all.

TANGLED is a story of the secrets we keep, the risks we take, and the things we do for love.

by Carolyn Mackler - Fiction

Ever since V's mom left her with her grandparents, she's bounced from guy to guy. That is, until a hockey puck lands her in the lap of Sam Almond, who's different from the start. But when V makes an irreversible mistake at a party, she risks losing Sam forever. So she sets off on a cross-country road trip to visit her mom and put 2,000 miles between herself, Sam and the wreckage of that night.

by Carolyn Mackler - Fiction

Mara Valentine is a straight-A senior, a vegan and her parents' pride and joy. She's neck-and-neck with her womanizing ex-boyfriend for number-one class ranking and plans to kick his butt on her way out the door to Yale. Mara has her remaining months in Brockport all planned out, but the plan does not include having V, her slutty, pot-smoking, 16-year-old niece come to live with her family. What does a control freak like Mara do when things start spinning wildly out of control?

by Carolyn Mackler

With her parents splitting up, 16-year-old Sammie is plenty angry. Her dad's leaving their upstate New York home and moving clear across the country. Her mom's packing them up and relocating to New York City. Overnight Sammie is forced to deal with change. And one change spawns another: roles get reversed, old and new friendships are tested and sexual feelings awaken. It's a scary time. But as Sammie realizes that things can't stay the same forever, that even the people she loves and trusts the most can disappoint her, she begins to accept that change isn't always bad.