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Bridget Heos


Bridget Heos

Bridget Heos is the author of 13 nonfiction YA books. Her first picture book is WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING LARVAE: A Guide for Insect Parents (and Curious Children,) ill. by Stephane Jorisch (Lerner/Millbrook, Spring 2011.) It's the first in a series titled EXPECTING ANIMAL BABIES. 

Bridget is represented by Kelly Sonnack of Andrea Brown Literary Agency. She's available for work-for-hire children's book projects and school visits

Books by Bridget Heos

by Bridget Heos - History, Nonfiction, Science, Young Adult 13+

BLOOD, BULLETS, AND BONES provides young readers with a fresh and fascinating look at the ever-evolving science of forensics. In this book, acclaimed author Bridget Heos uses real-life cases to tell the history of modern forensic science, from the first test for arsenic poisoning to fingerprinting, firearm and blood spatter analysis, DNA evidence and all the important milestones in between. By turns captivating and shocking, BLOOD, BULLETS, AND BONES demonstrates the essential role forensic science has played in our criminal justice system.

by Bridget Heos - Education, Environment, Science, Young Adult 12+

Tackling the issue of global warming head-on for a teen audience, Bridget Heos examines the science behind it, the history of climate change on our planet, and the ways in which humans have affected the current crisis we face.