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Avi’s work spans nearly every genre and has received nearly every major prize, including the 2003 Newbery Medal for CRISPIN: THE CROSS OF LEAD. MURDER AT MIDNIGHT marks his 70th published book. He lives in Denver, Colorado.


Books by Avi

written by Avi with illustrations by Brian Floca - Children's, Environment
written by Avi , illustrated by Greg Ruth
by Avi - Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Mystery, Young Adult 9+

Scholarly Mangus the magician and his faithful new servant boy have been marked as easy scapegoats for the traitor lurking within King Claudio’s court. They must gather clues to solve the mystery and prove their innocence before the stroke of midnight...or face death!

by Avi

It’s 1849, the year John Huffman’s father is sentenced to London’s Whitecross Street Prison. He’s been put away for gambling debt—leaving fourteen-year-old John and his family out on the street. But it seems gambling is the least of their problems: Father Huffman is accused of treason. Surrounded by a cast of sinister and suspicious characters, John’s not sure what to believe…or whom.