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Andrew Lane


Andrew Lane

Andrew Lane is the author of the Young Sherlock Holmes series of young adult novels, starting with DEATH CLOUD. He has also written numerous spin-off novels based on the BBC sci-fi television series "Doctor Who," as well as definitive guides to "Babylon 5" and the Wallace and Grommit films, and is the author of THE BOND FILES: An Unofficial Guide to the World's Greatest Secret Agent. He lives in Dorset, England.

Andrew Lane

Books by Andrew Lane

by Andrew Lane - Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult 12+
Months after their rescue by the government agency Segment W, Robinson Crusoe and his friend Friday have proven their skills as secret agents. They're now climbing the ranks of this exclusive group of spies who reports directly to the Crown.  Suddenly, in the dead of winter, Friday is shocked to see her father, who once tried to kill her, walking the streets of London. She tries to elicit the help of Segment W, but they are preoccupied with the continued investigation into an organization that staged a kidnapping of the king's daughter. What will she do?
by Andrew Lane - Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult 12+

Robinson Crusoe and Friday, young agents of the king’s secret spy agency, face their greatest adventure yet in the final book of the Crusoe trilogy. The nefarious work of the Circle of XIII has led to the infection of their friend Daniel Defoe, who is gradually joining the ranks of the Circle. The nations of Europe are on the brink of war. Crusoe and Friday must go to a place they never thought they would visit again --- the island where they had first met and were stranded together for years. It turns out that the island may hold the key to saving Defoe, stopping the Circle, and heading off a world war that would topple the king of England. 

by Andrew Lane - Historical Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, Young Adult 12+

Rescued from a deserted Caribbean island, 17-year-old Robinson Crusoe and his female friend, Friday, find themselves in late 1600s London, a bustling city that proves as treacherous for them to navigate as the remote island they just left behind. Thanks to their honed survival skills, Crusoe and Friday are recruited by a young writer named Daniel Defoe to work as agents for Segment W, a covert spy group that reports directly to the Crown.

by Andrew Lane - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Young Adult 12+

Young Sherlock's friend and her father have vanished. Their house looks as if nobody has ever lived in it; the neighbors claim never to have heard of them. Sherlock begins to doubt his sanity, until a clever clue points him to Scotland. Following that clue leads him into a mystery that involves kidnapping, bodysnatchers and a man who claims he can raise the dead.

by Andrew Lane - Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery, Young Adult 12+

When Sherlock visits his brother, what he finds shocks him to the core: a locked room, a dead body and Mycroft holding a knife. The police are convinced Mycroft is a murderer, but Sherlock is just as convinced he is innocent. Threatened with the gallows, Mycroft needs Sherlock to save him. The search for the truth necessitates an incredible journey where Sherlock is afoot in a world of secrets and danger.

by Andrew Lane - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery, Young Adult 12+

Even as a teenager, Sherlock Holmes is ready to solve any mystery and inevitably pursue danger. When he comes up against John Wilkes Booth, President Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, and his coconspirators, Sherlock just might not yet be man enough to stop a second Civil War from starting.