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Aguri Igarashi


Aguri Igarashi

Aguri Igarashi

Books by Aguri Igarashi

written by Masahiro Totsuka, illustrated by Aguri Igarashi - Fiction, Manga

As the date for the filming of the Burnish Academy special approaches, the Muroe kendo team prepares for their television debut and for Tama's chance to face the formidable Ura Sakaki. But even as Sakaki's rivals prepare for a rematch against the kendo genius, her participation remains unknown. Though her devotion to her TV idol remains unshaken, Sakaki cannot deny the passion for kendo still smoldering quietly within her.

Written by Masahiro Totsuka and illustrated by Aguri Igarashi - Manga

It’s tough for up-and-coming TV personality Ryouko Toda, a cutthroat celebrity, to maintain her cool on-screen persona when she's forced to appear alongside ditzy costar Erina Sawamiya on “Burnish Academy,” where silly, simple Erina manages to best Ryouko in every single sport. To defeat Erina in sports and in the ratings game, Ryouko must call upon her skills not as an actress, but as a master of the kendo ring.