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Adam Rapp


Adam Rapp

Adam Rapp was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his play "Red Light Winter" and received the Benjamin H. Danks Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, among other honors. In addition to his numerous plays, he is the author of the novel THE YEAR OF ENDLESS SORROWS and several YA novels, including UNDER THE WOLF, UNDER THE DOG, a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. He lives in New York City.

Adam Rapp

Books by Adam Rapp

by Adam Rapp - Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult 13+

Over 7 feet tall and with a newfound ability to sense future events, Corinthia Bledsoe is far more than just another Midwestern high-school junior; she’s a force of nature. When she predicts with terrifying accuracy the outcome of a tornado that will hit her high school, leaving a cow standing midcourt in the Lugo Memorial field house, Corinthia finds herself at the epicenter of another kind of storm entirely. And as things get stranger and stranger --- both in her small town and her own home --- lives start to intersect in ways even Corinthia can’t foresee.

by Adam Rapp and Mike Cavallaro - Fiction, Futuristic, Graphic Novel, Science Fiction, Young Adult 14+
In this new world, speed and efficiency are everything and the populace zooms along in a perpetually stimulated haze. Angela thinks she's the only person in her family --- maybe the only person on the planet --- who sees anything wrong with this picture. But the truth is she's not alone. Angela finds herself recruited into a resistance movement where the key to rebellion is taking things slow. In their secret underground hideout, they create a life unplugged from the rapid-fire culture outside. Can they free the rest of the world before the powers that be shut down their utopian experiment?
by Adam Rapp - Fiction, Psychological Thriller, Thriller, Young Adult 14+

Three teenagers --- Bounce, a sharp, well-to-do girl, and two struggling boys named Wiggins and Orange --- are holding a four-year-old girl hostage in Orange's basement. But as the stakes grow higher and the guilt and tension mount, Wiggins starts to have doubts about their plan.