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Abby Sher


Abby Sher

Abby Sher is a writer and performer whose work has appeared in various anthologies and amagazines as well as in The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times. She is also the author of the young adult novel KISSING SNOWFLAKES. Abby has written and performed for the Second City in Chicago and the Upright Citizen's Brigade and Magnet Theater in New York. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and children.

Abby Sher

Books by Abby Sher

by Abby Sher - Coming of Age, Contemporary Fiction, Family, Family Life, Fiction, Friendship, Loss, Romance, Social Issues, Young Adult 12+

Lenny (short for Eleanor) feels like the world is about to end. Her best friend is moving to San Francisco and her dad is dying. To cope with her stress Lenny is making a list of all the ways the world can end --- designer pathogens, blood moon prophecies, alien invasion --- and stockpiling supplies in a bunker in the backyard. In a time of complete uncertainty, one thing's for sure: Lenny's about to see how everything is ending and beginning. All at the same time.

by Abby Sher - Nonfiction, Social Issues, Young Adult 14+

BREAKING FREE explores the global issue of human sex trafficking from a survivor's point of view. It recounts the harrowing stories of three courageous women --- Somaly Mam, Minh Dang and Maria Suarez --- who were all forced into sexual slavery as children. After escaping their captors, they easily could have become voiceless victims, lost to the horrors of their own histories. Instead, they have each become leading advocates and activists in the anti-trafficking movement.